Henry de Koninck | Managing Partner

National award-winning political consultant Henry de Koninck has served as a campaign manager and lead strategic consultant for Democratic campaigns throughout the United States. His experience includes serving as chief campaign strategist for U.S. Rep. Nita Lowey of New York, Mayor Robert Jackson of Montclair and most recently as the architect behind Upendra Chivukula’s 2014 congressional campaign.

De Koninck is the winner of a 2017 AAPC Pollie Award for Direct Mail, a 2013 Campaigns and Elections Magazine Stanley F. Reed Award for the best automated call in the country, and was named to Politicker NJ’s “ 40 under 40” for 2015.

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Matt Krayton | Partner

Matt is the Founder of Publitics.  Matt has consulted on campaigns at the local, state and federal level as well as has served as an advisor to clients in the private and public sector through delivering goals-driven communications and media strategies.  He is currently an adjunct professor at Centenary University's business department, teaching in their first-of-its-kind social media program. Prior to founding Publitics, Matt worked at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind Poll and later taught freshman seminar for political science students and in the Law in the Liberal Arts program as an adjunct instructor.