Preserving the Right to Vote in School Board Elections

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The Challenge

A popular local mayor wanted to end school board elections and take over control.  Stopping the initiative was an uphill battle.  The ballot measure was written to ensure its passage while the mayor put the entire weight of his political operation behind passing it.  The state educators union and its local came to Publitics Political to flip the script and stop the initiative from passing.

The Approach

We had to work quickly to get the facts into voters hands.  We worked quickly to develop a multi-flight mail and digital program that flipped the scrip on the narrative the mayor and his allies were pushing.  Our mail and digital creative provided voters a contrast that emphasized that they would lose accountability if the measure were to pass.  

The Results

From the first mail piece and digital ad impression we were able to drive the conversation. Our creative gave voters the tools they needed to inform their neighbors about why they should vote no.  The measure failed convincingly 65% to 35%.