Integrating Tech, Field and Communications with Ecanvasser

Ecanvasser is a campaign management platform for politics and advocacy work. It consists of a mobile app for face-to-face interactions and a campaign dashboard that includes email, surveys, database manager and analytics. Over 500 campaigns in 2016 used Ecanvasser to manage their community and voter outreach work, in the process, over 7 million people were logged through the system.

The US has led the way for the last decade in campaign management systems but now there is a growing demand in Europe and Australasia for better tools to handle grassroots building and communication. What has become very clear, through the events of 2016, is that there is a critical need now for organizations and individuals that claim to represent the public, to engage directly with them and make a better effort at understanding the data that comes back from this engagement.

Working in the same ecosystem as organizations like NationBuilder and OSDI, Ecanvasser has an international perspective that will be required if digital organizing is to be adopted properly by the big European parties in the coming year. We have worked with Ecanvasser on a number of campaigns and look forward to continuing this partnership in the coming months.

Matthew Krayton