The Challenge

Publitics Partner, Henry de Koninck, was faced with an uphill climb as general consultant to the “Montclair 2012″ slate in Montclair, NJ’s municipal race. The New York Times’ analysis of the race predicted that Montclair 2012 and Robert Jackson were likely to lose:

“Ms. Turner’s two opponents — Robert Jackson, a developer, and Harvey Susswein, a retired management consultant — are identified as more liberal and are expected to split that vote, giving Ms. Turner a good chance to win.” - New York Times

Public polling in the last two weeks before Election Day confirmed that Montclair 2012 was down by roughly 8 points.

 The Approach

De Koninck orchestrated an aggressive communications and messaging program that effectively drew contrasts between Montclair 2012 and the other candidates, while establishing a compelling vision for Montclair.

The Results

Jackson took over 50% of the vote, swinging the race by over 30 points in his favor in the final two weeks of the campaign. The campaign captured the attention of national media (NY Times). De Koninck also won a Stanley F. Reed Award for his performance on the campaign.