The Challenge

Little Falls had not elected a Democrat as mayor and a majority Democratic council in over 40 years.  The Republicans ran a strong slate of candidates and came out swinging, attacking the Democratic team.  The Republicans hit James Damiano and his running mates on inexperience and a campaign finance issue from years before.  We had to work to defuse the attacks and refocus on the Republicans' record of bad government and out of control spending.

The Approach

We developed a robust mail, digital and grassroots program to flip the script on the Republicans and drive up Democratic turnout at a university that sits within the town's borders.  

The Results

The Damiano Team scored a convincing victory on Election Day, not only flipping Little Falls from red to blue for the first time in 40 years, but also electing the youngest mayor in the town's history.  They outperformed Hillary Clinton in every voting district, who would have lost Little Falls had it not been for historic turnout at the university.  

Our mail was recognized by the AAPC with a prestigious Pollie Award.